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Something’s not right

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Smc 😘

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Thanks for the update @Smc

Have been thinking of you and family today. 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?


Trust you were able to get some.much needed rest last night. 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Determined, slept reasonably. Still feeling tired and a bit tight in the head, will try to treat ourselves gently today.
We've wanted to do some little treat outings with Younger Daughter (14) during the school holidays, but we've been ill, and she's been off visiting friends... she goes away again with a friend on Sunday for a week, so while we've got the chance today, we're taking her out for afternoon tea at a place in town that does really good icecream cones. That's the plan anyway. Will try to make sure it happens. Smiley Happy Gotta look after her too.




Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?


How is daughter travelling? Thinking of you and family atm particually younger daughter. 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Hi @Determined.

Well, we got in our icecream outing, and went to see "How to Train Your Dragon 3" yesterday for Older Son's birthday.... Younger Daughter's going away with a friend for a week as of today, so we'll see if we can fit in a bit more fun when she's home again. We've got entry tickets to a local animal/wildlife park, and a few other "treat options in mind too.

Older Daughter is healing but still very sore and tired at the moment. We went for lunch after the movie yesterday, but even though I know there's not much we can do about it, I get tired of family events having their finishing time set by the point when she gets too exhausted or stressed and has to head home. Sometimes there's the option of the rest of the family continuing on to do a bit more together, other times that's it for the day. But at least she was there. Some events she's missed altogether.

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Smc continue to think of you and family. 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Checking in @Smc

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

thinking of you @Smc Heart

Re: D.I.D.

Ta Peoples.
She's healing up from the surgery.

She received a diagnosis today from a specialist that we're feeling a bit ambivalent about.


Part of her ongoing pattern is adopting other peoples' symptoms and medical conditions. Her digagnosis from today's appointment is for a condition that cannot be tested for, so diagnosis relies on reported symptoms and ruling out any other possible causes. She's good at researching conditions online. We may never know whether she has actually got this condition, or if she has self-convincingly adopted it from the information she's read...


So now she has medical backup for regularly taking painkillers, and having bouts of pain that mean other people need to help her out. She probably really does feel the pain, but it may have no physical origin at all, and might be an unconscious way of getting support and sympathy from people around her, and validating her view of herself as suffering bravely.


So hard to know what to do, and even what to think. If her MI problems could be solved, I suspect the pain would disappear along with it. Smiley Sad


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