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Re: Good Morning!

Good morning to @BlueBay @Anxietyfree @eudemonism @Ant7 @outlander @TAB @frog @Shaz51  (thinking of you today) @Alacarte  and all who pass on this sober news day with what has been happening to our cousins in New Zealand. It has been pouring here overnight which is wonderful with lots of rain forecast in the coming days. Wishing everyone a safe and 'pea'ceful weekend ahead. Loads of love greenpea xxx

Re: Good Morning!

Morning @greenpea  and everyone else too as you all awake to a new day.


Another big day for you @Shaz51  I will be thinking of you. I hope everything goes as well as possible.


The rain has yet to start here @greenpea  but it looks like we are in for a drenching too. Predicting up to 80mls today. Definitely an inside day! I though I might get my art materials out and have a bit of a dabble. Something I have not done in over a year. β˜”πŸŽ¨


Yes horrific news from NZ yesterday. Just beyond my comprehension how someone could do that to defenseless fellow human beings. 


Sherry πŸ’•

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea  Good morning how are you doing today ❀️

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone have a great day ❀️

Re: Good Morning!

 @BlueBay @eudemonism @Ant7 @outlander @TAB @frog @Shaz51   @Alacarte


Morning All (Just)

Had a late start to my day but have gotten out of bed. Yay! Think I might take my beautiful dog for a run today (She runs - I don't Smiley Wink )



Re: Good Morning!

Hi back @greenpea + everyone else, I have a dilemma with needing to find / recall each time texting so it actually causes me to shut down in overload _ really am trying to master this. How do I filter all the incoming notifications? Save easy access to mine own? keep up to the different forums / threads + people's names ?

Anyway, I add good wishes to Adge - wellness + Birthday joy 🌈 πŸŽ‚; What is the Friday Feast - do people physically meet up? 

I add heartfelt sympathy + love + condolences to anyone affected by the terrorists actions in NZ 😒 πŸ’—πŸ’

Re: Good Morning!

You too @Ant7  hope you have a nice day.  Any plans for the weekend? It's nice and sunny here, so i might try to go for a walk later.  Bit of an easy day today Smiley Happy

Tomorrow is my son's birthday, we are going to have a bbq.  I can't believe he will be 26.  Had to stop and think how old he is.  

@Re: Good Morning!

Hi @Sturgeon Thanks for your birthday wishes, much appreciated.

Friday Feast is an online Thread on this forum, every Friday afternoon/night.

It's where we enjoy "virtual food", share what we're having for dinner - & imagine going to some far away country (eg tropical island) for some sight-seeing etc.

I managed to turn off all email notifications from this site - because they were too many, filling my inbox.

I just check my notifications, when I login. That's enough notifications for me.


Re: @Re: Good Morning!

Content/trigger warning
Ta so much @Adge If you would some more clarity divine - where are those email alerts, with some emails there are varied numbers I.e 3, 58, 26-- what is this, I also baffled by the numerous thumbs up / speak symbol & the tripling alerts...  Also I note there is a box comes up with some names at different times Why not all whom I may have already interacted with?
Hope I'm not blowing your mind - mine already frazzled cheers 🌷

Re: @Re: Good Morning!

Another query @Adge , I just got a notification Spoiler - drop down menu with my previous post to you, what does this signify πŸƒ  

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