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Re: Craft Corner

they look great @CheerBear ive made 4 of the 3 rounds and 1 of the 5 rounds so far. i only made 2 of the smaller ones tonight but not up for much more. its suppose to be hot tomorrow and im getting everything done by 9am before another appointment and then ive got a free day so can do some more. ive picked the colours of pink, purple, white and blue for the moment as they are the ones ive got in the same ply but may add more colours if i find a nice colour.
im kinda worried about having the different sizes and trying to fit them all together somehow.

Re: Craft Corner

Smiled lots reading that you've made some squares @outlander! That's pretty exciting! Really like the sound of your colour choices too.

I think if we stick to a grid pattern we should be able to fit them together. I thought about doing it myself but I don't think it's as easy as it looks and think I'd be better following a grid. I'm not sure how it will go finishing the last rounds as we join them but it works in my head. If you think of a better way please let me know because I really don't have much idea when it comes to granny square designs.

I hope your appointment goes well this morning and you enjoy some down time later. I had one of those really dodgy nights out of the blue last night and am planning on doing absolutely nothing from when I take the kids to school except sitting in my bean bag with some furballs and making squares 🙂

Re: Craft Corner

ive made a few squares @CheerBear but like you i have about a million to go 🤦‍♀️ at least weve started though! ive made another 3 more tonight while winding down a little.

yeah i think your right, if we stick to the grid we should be ok. i think the harder part will be working out methods that will work for joining and finishing it off. but i think weve got enough squares to make first lol.

did you manage to make some more today?

Re: Craft Corner

Hey @outlander. I'm sitting with a heap of yarn trying to make squares wondering how yours are going and whether you've had much time with your hook?

I spoke with my psych this morning about this project and how repetitive it is. In a way I find the repetition frustrating and like I want to be doing different stuff but I'm also noticing that it is really quite soothing and once the initial frustration settles the rhythm and movement is calming. Psych thinks this is a great project to be doing and a test for me in tolerance and sitting with it maybe 😉😆 I'm thinking the whole joining thing will be like putting together puzzle pieces when we get to that stage and that's kind of fun maybe?

I'll take a pic of my stack of squares later. Would love to see some of yours if you can and would like to share some time too ❤

Re: Craft Corner

evening @CheerBear Heart

my squares are coming along well though ive lost my smaller squares. i had them sitting in a little pile next to me and pop missed the side table and spilt tea all over them so ive had to start them all over again. ill upload the other squares ive done so far and will try to do some more tonight to catch up to where i was. it shouldnt take me to long as they are only the 4 round ones.

yes your right it is both frustrating and soothing. i find i get bored easy with sqaures now but i guess having a range of colours to play with helps with that.
uh yeah, putting them together is going to be quite challanging!



might help if i actually add the pic in hey!



Re: Craft Corner

They look so great @outlander! I love the colours you're using ❤ Like you I find the colour changing helps with the repetition. Grrr with the tea spill!

I meant to take a photo last night but didn't get around to it. Will try again today.

Thanks for sharing 😊

Re: Craft Corner

Here they are so far @outlander. I think I'm going for "big, bright and bold" themed 😁



Re: Craft Corner

they are really great @CheerBear i love the colours youve picked and the darker shades mixed in make the lighter colours pop more too.

ive managed to make another 2 6 rounds, 4 4 rounds and 5 or 6 of the 2 rounds last night and today. ill get a pic tomorrow in the daylight if you like.

i have to get some more pink already though but ive got 2 rolls of a turquoise colour so i might incorporate that into there somewhere as well.

Re: Craft Corner

👋 @outlander. Just calling by to see how your squares are going?

I'm sneaking in as much time as I can doing them and am slowly making my way through the list of how many are needed. I'm thinking a bit about how to join them and I might use brown as the last round on each square. Brown isn't my favourite colour (at all) but I think could give it a cool retro kind of look and really make the big, bright, bold colours pop 🤔 Plus it will match the lounge and our furniture that way too.

Hope you're finding some comfort in yours if you've been chipping away at them too 🙂

Re: Craft Corner

hi @CheerBear 

i really love your squares 

i wish i coukld do that  

is it easy to

are you able to explain how to crochet and how many stitches 

BB xx

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